The Best Washing Machines to Buy in 2022

2022-04-02 09:55:17 By : Mr. Mark Ma

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With the right machine, you can have a seamless—and even exciting—laundry experience.

Selecting a washing machine requires heavy consideration. Not only is the appliance pricey, but the sheer amount of features, styles, and brands to weigh can quickly become overwhelming. To streamline your decision, we researched various options on the market and laid out the best ones to consider. We included both front-load and top-load washers based on a range of factors including cleaning performance, water and energy usage, features like smart technology, and more. While singling out the best, we mainly referenced customer reviews, trusted industry leaders who have published studies, and even a test of our own (for a portable washing machine that can totally change the way renters do laundry).

Ahead, read all of the details on our best washing machine picks.

Best Overall Front-Loading Machine: GE UltraFresh Vent System Front-Load Washer with OdorBlock

Best Overall Top-Loading Machine: LG TurboWash High-Efficiency Impeller Top-Load Washer

Best Budget-Friendly: Samsung High-Efficiency Stackable Front-Load Washer

Best Smart Washing Machine: Whirlpool Smart Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator

Best Large Front-Loading: LG Signature TWINWash High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer

Best Large Top-Loading: Maytag Smart Capable High-Efficiency Top-Load Washer

Best Compact Washing Machine: Miele Smart Compact Front Load Washer

Best Energy-Saving: Electrolux Smartboost High-Efficiency Front-Load Washer

Best Quiet Washing Machine: Speed Queen TR7 Top Loading Washing Machine With Automatic Balancing System

Best Portable: Black + Decker Portable Washer

While this front-load washer has many alluring features, it's especially desirable for its vent system that gets rid of excess moisture to prevent odors and keep your machine free of bacteria build-up. It has a 5 cubic feet capacity, smart dispenser, and connects to an app for a seamless experience whenever you use it. There's also a cycle that can both wash and dry a small load if you don't want to transfer it to the dryer.

"I do laundry all day and then let it vent at night," wrote one reviewer, who gave the machine a five-star rating. "The next day, it’s bone dry inside, and the plus side is I don’t have to keep the door open."

Unlike other top-loaders, this smart washer with a 5 cubic foot capacity doesn't have a center agitator. The machine's TurboWash 3D creates a powerful water flow so that the laundry rubs against each other for a deep clean. It uses less water than other top-load models, but reviewers confirm it cleans both regular and large loads well. "It's large enough so I don't have to bring my cal king comforters outside to wash," wrote one reviewer, who gave the machine a five-star rating.

At just under $780, this front-load washing machine boasts a 4.5 cubic feet capacity and comes equipped with a variety of features. It has 10 preset washing cycles and five water temperature levels. A vibration reduction technology helps it operate at a low volume. Since front-load machines are more prone to mildew and other unwanted build-ups, there's a self-cleaning feature that eliminates 99 percent of bacteria in the drum. Not to mention, the machine is Energy Star-certified.

This top-loading machine has all of the bells and whistles for an easy, customized laundry experience. The Load and Go dispenser allows you to fill detergent for up to 20 loads at a time (based on 8-pound loads). The agitator can be removed, so you can use it for normal loads and take it out to accommodate bulkier loads. When you connect to the brand's app, you can control and check on cycles when you're not around.

One reviewer noted that you can temporarily disable the pre-loaded detergent dispenser if you want to use a different detergent for one load. Some reviewers also confirmed the machine with a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet is surprisingly quiet.

With a capacity of 2.26 cubic feet, this front-loading smart washer is fairly compact and full of excellent features. The TwinDos detergent system dispenses the optimum amount of detergent for each load. It has a feature called QuickIntenseWash, which removes stubborn stains. Reviewers love how it's WiFi-enabled, so wash cycles can easily be monitored and controlled directly through an app on your phone. One person wrote that the machine "operates better than any washer [they've] ever owned."

This machine—with a capacity of 5.8 cubic feet—can handle nearly any large load you want to tackle. It's compatible with the LG SideKick, a 1 cubic foot pedestal that sits underneath the machine. It offers extra washing capacity, which is especially good for delicate items. Plus, it makes using the top washer easier on your back.

An added bonus? "The fact that we can child lock it when it is on or off is fantastic," one reviewer gushed. Another reviewer shared that their family of nine "needed a workhorse," and they got one thanks to this machine.

With a capacity of 5.3 cubic feet, this top-loading machine boasts a slow-close glass lid and sleek aesthetic. It has plenty of attractive features, like an extra power button to boost stain-fighting performance on any cycle with a dual-temperature wash. It has a deep fill option for bulky items.

"It handles blankets and sheets and towels and heavy loads without blinking," wrote one reviewer, who gave the machine a five-star rating.

Another reviewer added: "It cleans beautifully and accommodates several rugs, comforters, etc, I could not believe the capacity."

Marked as an energy-efficient appliance by Energy Star, this washer is a solid sustainable pick. On a range of $8 to $51, the machine's estimated yearly energy cost when used with an electric water heater is on the lower end at $10. It's also on the lower end of the energy consumption spectrum at 85 kWh per year on a scale from 60 kWh to 520 kWh per year.

The machine is also reliable. One reviewer who gave the machine a five-star rating wrote: "I talked to a friend who is an appliance repair guy. He said the only brand he NEVER has to work on is Electrolux!"

Anyone who can't stand a loud washing machine needs to check out this top-loading option. It's super quiet, meaning you can run it overnight without being disturbed. Plus, it's slim, which makes it ideal for smaller spaces. Although compact, it can carry out all of your laundry needs. "The machine handled a queen-size quilted coverlet as easily as a regular load of laundry," one Lowe's reviewer who recently gave the machine a five-star rating confirmed.

If you want something less permanent, consider a portable washing machine like this one. It's ideal if you need a cheap option to temporarily use or are a city-dwelling renter with no laundry at all. Take it from Alyssa Fiorentino, House Beautiful's former director of brand strategy and audience development, who wrote an in-depth review on the machine. She confirmed: "The machine is small enough to fit in my tiny bathroom and doesn't take up much space to store. It's also insanely easy to use."

All you need to run it is a faucet and an electrical outlet. It has eight different cycle settings and holds up to 6.6 pounds of laundry. Not to mention, the spin cycle leaves your load nearly dry. Learn more about how it works and what to keep in mind while using it here.

While researching the best washing machines, we turned to industry experts for data on key factors, like Consumer Report’s Appliance Brand Reliability Rankings, Yale Appliance reliability research, and J.D. Power’s annual Kitchen and Laundry Appliance Satisfaction Study. Certifications from reputable associations like Energy Star were also taken into consideration as their stamp of approval highlights models that are eco-friendly.

We also read up on tests done by many of the main editorial labs in the United States, including the Good Housekeeping Institute and Reviewed as well as thorough tests done by other major outlets like Wirecutter and The Spruce. These deep dives paired with customer reviews help offer a wider scope of how these machines operate.

Whether you go for a front-loading or top-loading washing machine is ultimately a personal preference, but there are important factors to keep in mind like the layout of your space. Both types get the job done but offer different pros and cons to consider.

A front-loading washing machine is the most efficient when it comes to saving water and electricity. It can be stacked with its matching dryer to save space in closets. A pedestal can also be added to one to offer more washing capacity or storage and raise the height to make using the machine easier on your back. Front-loading machines can require more maintenance to avoid mildew and bacteria build-up because water can pool in various areas including the door gasket, dispenser, and drum.

A top-loading machine can be easier to operate than a front-loading machine because it doesn’t require you to bend down. The more traditional setup is less likely to develop mold and odors than a front-loading machine. Larger top-loading machines can have drums that are hard for shorter people to use. Models with agitators can also be harder on fabrics than those without agitators.

It’s essential to pay attention to the capacity of a washing machine. The drum size generally ranges from 2.5 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet. Smaller drum sizes are great for compact rooms or if you only do laundry once a week. Larger drum sizes are ideal for big families or those who often wash bulkier loads.

Many washers have basic cycle options, but make sure to look for the ones you use the most or go with a machine that lets you customize your cycles. Some machines have other great features too, like a sanitization cycle, wrinkle care, and allergen removal. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for smart features that can make your laundry experience super seamless. Just remember that some machines require an extra monthly subscription to use those.

Yes, you should be cleaning your washing machine. It’ll not only ensure the appliance’s longevity, but it’ll prevent build-up and odors from attaching to your laundry. Luckily, it doesn’t take too long either. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to do it here.

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